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The BBA curriculum is designed to facilitate the industry with young minds for their first experience in a corporate role. The curriculum as currently envisaged offers specialization in marketing or finance roles in the 3rd year of their program.
With the phenomenal growth in the Indian Economy and the rise of the homegrown multinationals, enterprises today are looking at people to take up responsibility at entry levels who are flexible and adaptive to their business environment as well as sensitive enough to respond to the challenges being offered in an increasingly competitive global environment with multifaceted skill sets backed up by a rigorously honed knowledge base. Through a practical approach towards the programm, guided by the faculty from the industry itself, students are prepared for the real corporate world. Innovative methods of teaching consisting of case study discussions, presentations, classroom debates and role plays are used to make the classroom experience an invigorating one.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is spread over 6 semesters with 6 subjects being taught in every semester, which is a total of 36 subjects.

Program Objectives

  • To strive for continuous improvement in instructions, methodology of delivery and course content to ensure updates of a student with the reality of the corporate world, its needs and expectations from an employable candidate.
  • To provide professional education and training to all students in all aspects related to the management discipline for advancement of learning towards promoting excellence in business administration and industry
  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and all facilities to students, to support and propel their career paths, may it be managerial, administrative or entrepreneurial.
  • To actively support the growth and quality improvements of a student, to enhance, prepare and train the student to face the corporate world.
  • To collaborate with institutes and/or organizations in India and abroad that have similar objectives and functions, to facilitate exchange programs.
  • To associate the University with Councils, Academic Bodies of administrative education and corporate bodies in relation to the courses, curriculum development, and advancement along with the upgradation in the course content to ensure that a student is well equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to become directly employable.
  • To take initiative in improving the education level and methodology.
  • To understand the meaning of feedback, self-evaluation, and regulatory mechanism and to apply it in all aspects.
  • To collaborate with industries and organizations in order to formulate training programs of mutual interest for the benefit of the students.
  • Development of criteria and tools for the collection of information based on the design and evaluation methodology, provoking skills for reasoning and innovation.

Course Duration

3 years


Marketing & Finance


The BBA curriculum is designed to provide industry with young managers for entry level positions for their first experience in a corporate role. The curriculum as currently envisaged, offers students a choice of specialization in marketing and/or finance roles in the 3rd year of their program. Students can pursue MBA or other professional courses.