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Admission Criteria

Selection process

  • Come to the venue of the selection process on the date you have chosen.
  • Please arrive on time. You will not be admitted once the process starts.
  • On the day of the interview, the candidate must bring the following documents with him/her:

Self attested copies of the following:

  1. One print-out of their application form along with one passport-size photograph.
  2. One copy of their class X certificate. If the candidate's certificate does not mention their date of birth, one copy of their birth certificate will be required.
  3. One copy of their class XII certificate.
  • The candidate should be deemed medically fit by our company doctor.
  • All the testimonials should be verified as authentic.
  • A typical selection day will commence with candidates registering for one of the Programmes.
  • Thereafter, the candidates would go through three rounds of selection activities:

Round 1: : Candidates are divided into groups of 15-20 participants and are taken through a round of activities and questionnaires. Here, the evaluator checks the candidates grooming, poise and spoken English.
Round 2: Short-listed candidates from Round 1 are taken to another round of activities on the same day including a one-on-one meeting with a panel comprising of faculty. Here, the evaluator gets to know them better and checks their aptitude for hospitality.
Round 3: Short-listed candidates from Round 2 will be invited for another round of activities and questionnaires including a final interview with a panel. This may be on a different day and city than the above two rounds.