The SmartPrep Edge

The SmartPrep Methodology

Smart Diagnostic Test

The Smart Diagnostic Test – our answer to all traditional ways of student assessment – will be performed once you enroll to a course. Here, our experts will comprehensively analyse your skills, discover your strengths and weaknesses specific to the course/subject you have opted for. This helps you know where you stand and how you can sharpen your skills, in the right way.

Through Smart Diagnostic Test, we measure:

Strengths: What you are good at, in a particular field, and how it will help you be the best in the same.

Weaknesses: Analyze what you are weak at and how it will affect your performance as a student and as a professional.

Smart Online Assistance

We at SmartPrep will guide you with innovative, interactive, extremely useful materials and will constantly monitor your progress, online.

Our Smart Online Assistance will include- Teacher Notes, Practice Tests, Computer Generated Test Reports, Speed & Accuracy Measurement, General Knowledge FAQs, among others. These innovative features will help you assess yourself and continually learn round-the-clock.

Smart Online Assistance is a unique tool provided only by us at SmartPrep and we are absolutely positive that you will find a lot of benefit in using this highly adaptive learning module.

Smart Test & Analysis

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Test’? The answers, we’re sure, are papers, finger-breaking writing, results etc. And worst still, once the results are announced, you are left wondering what went wrong.

The Smart Test & Analysis, done on Tabs, will instantly give out detailed analytical reports focusing on your progress as well as weak points. What’s more, comprehensive tests are administered at the end of every week in order to recall everything learnt in the course of the week, and you will receive Updated Proficiency Records, Predictive Reports and Final Exam Mock Tests to sharpen your learning skills further.

Every institute has tests, but at SmartPrep we believe in a holistic approach, which will shape your personality beyond the classrooms.

Smart Personalized Study Material

We know you are unique and your study needs are different from another student. This is the reason why, after analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, we provide customized study materials, which will cater to no one else, but you.

Moreover, you’ll never have to overload yourself with irrelevant portions as, our tailor made course materials will enable you to study smart and focus your energies in the most productive ways to achieve excellence in your field.