Tips to Crack Group Discussion

Group Discussion (GD) refers to discussion on the same topic amongst a group of people. These days, many institutes and universities conduct this process as a part of the entrance examination criteria to register a student for admission. The reason for conducting GDs is to judge the confidence and patience levels of any candidate. Whenever a group interacts in a formal manner on a given topic, it is judged by a panel of judges, therefore, it is advisable to remain calm and focus on the topic of discussion rather than deviating from it.

How to Prepare?

Step 1: Prepare yourself: Keep yourself abreast with all the current affairs, so that whatever topic comes does not leave you quite in a group of people. As you know, topic is given on the spot therefore; you have to be well prepared of the latest topics.

Step 2: Be confident: Even if you are not aware of the topic, be confident to share your opinions atleast in the group. Don’t hesitate that what other people might think or whether the opinion will count or not. Relax! Not everyone is aware of everything in this world!

Step 3: Remain a part of the debate: In every GD, you will find some people are with you; however, some will be against you, because everyone has their own views and ways of perceiving things. Be a part of the debate and with your calmness, you will have to continue to be a part of the debate.

Step 4: Overcome misinterpretations: There would be many people around who would be high on tone just to stop you from speaking. The argument heats up to a level that you might not be given an option to speak. Try to calm down the environment and it is always good to start by saying, “According to me” or “What I feel”.

Step 5: Balance your emotions: It is fine even if some say a “no” or might give expressions that they do not agree with your opinions or you may find the topic a little boring for yourself. You just need to remain neutral – neither too aggressive nor too passive.

Step 6: Body Language: Your body language plays a very important role. You are being observed all the time by the interviewer and therefore, you must remain composed during the GD.


  • Be definite of what you say.
  • Never laugh at anyone’s view.
  • Let the other person complete before you comment. Listen patiently.
  • Use proofs to support your views.
  • Don’t force your opinions on others and present your views politely to them.
  • Stay neutral if you are the only one presenting your thoughts.
  • If you do not know what to speak in the discussion, think of 5 Ws:
    1. WHAT is important about the topic?
    2. WHO are you discussing with?
    3. WHERE did the topic originate from?
    4. WHEN did the event occur?
    5. WHY is the topic important?

At SmartPrep, we prepare the students by conducting mock sessions for Group Discussions. Our eminent faculties are always there to guide the students at every step and provide with tips that could be of importance to every student.


SmartPrep Team