How to study for GK Questions in Competitive Exams ?

Yes its true, you will not be adequately prepared for as much 40% of the entrance exam come exam day. Most after 12th entrance exams have a significant portion paper attributed to general knowledge and general awareness questions, in certain cases (Hotel Management) GK and awareness sections make up 40% of the exam paper. While most institutes have GK lectures, can you really prepare for GK in a lecture?

General Knowledge

What a student needs to know that GK is not a singular course, all exams have two types of GK / General Awareness questions.

  1. Static GK – Most of this information can be found in History Books, like for example when was the Taj Mahal built and by whom? (1653 and Mughal Ruler Shah Jahan are the answers to those questions), but even history books don’t cover the breath of questions asked. Like for example not many history portions would cover the questions like, “When did first India win the Cricket World Cup?” (1983).

    Strategy for Static GK – Prepraring for thiscan be fun. You need to follow a few simple rules. 1. Pay attention in class, 2. look at the past yearspapers,form a pattern, pick a few prominent subjects you like or know about and built on your strengths by reading a few books on your area of interest. Remember, your ability to remember facts and figures increases if you have context to these, the only way to build context is knowing the whole story.
  2. Dynamic GK – This section, though not specifically segregated these forms 15-20% of your entire exam. This would include important and prominent news from the last year. The only way to do this would be to be regular newspaper reader. But in between college, coaching classes, pre-boards, semester exams and the occasional parties, who has time for this?

    Strategy for Dynamic GK: 5 mins / day ‘GK on the go’. We at SmartPrep realized this and have developed a special Mobile WAP Test Prep center. Here we will upload 5-10 Current Affair Questions every day. Our team of GK experts has been scanning through newspapers every day for the last one year and has come up with a list of over 5000 questions on important events of the year. They will not be the exact questions that will be asked, but we have covered all the major topics during the year. And we expose you to these in 5-10 question capsules every day. How can you access these?