Often students get confuse with Mass communication and journalism but there is a thin line of difference between the two. Here we have given concise details about what is Mass Communication course, it’s scope, job opportunities available and skills required.

When information is to be communicated to a large segment of the population by an individual at the same time, it is referred to as Mass Communication. It is generally referred to newspaper, magazine and book publishing as well as radio and TV. The message has to reach in such a way that it persuades or otherwise affects the opinion, behavior, attitude or emotion of the people receiving the information.


Mass communication is known as the backbone of our society. Media keeps the society abreast about what is happening in and around the city and helps in adapting the new and modern kind of changes to the people. On completion of mass communication courses, there is a huge scope of career opportunities in fields like PR, news media, publishing, etc.

There are 4 major fields of study under mass communication:

  1. Advertising: When an audience is to be convinced regarding a product or service to encourage them to buy the same, certain marketing is done to promote it, which is called advertising.
  2. Journalism: It refers to the ways of how news is to be produced to the public through different mediums such as newspapers, radio station, news channel, etc.
  3. Broadcasting: The act of communicating audio and/or visual content through a communication medium, such as television, radio, or film.
  4. Public Relations: The planned publicity of goods and services of organizations with the intention to create goodwill for a person, place or event is termed as public relations.

The candidates after completing the studies can find a lot of job opportunities. Some of them are listed below.


TV Correspondent

Film Director

Feature Writer

News Analyst

Freelance Writer

Proof Reader

Art Director




Public Relations Officer

Production Worker


Radio Jockey (RJ)

Sound Engineer


Video Jockey (VJ)

Transmission Executive



Special Correspondent

Sound Mixer & Sound Recordist




Fashion Photographer

Floor Manager

Sound Technician


Staff or Freelance Writer


The various employment areas in mass communication sector are listed below.

Broadcasting Corporations

Advertising Agencies

News Agencies

Circulation & Public Relations

Press Information Bureau

Blogs & Websites


TV Channels

Books & Novels

Radio Telecasting Companies

Legal Affairs Department

Photography Companies


Central Information Service

Periodicals & Magazines

AIR – All India Radio

Skills and Remuneration

Those who are willing to pursue a career in Mass Communication sector must be creative, impulsive and enterprising with a talent to present his/her ideas, thoughts, observations through different mediums of communication.

As we know that these days everything is going digital, therefore, job opportunities and remuneration are being redefined everyday.

Exams available

The entrance exam for journalism and mass communication courses are the same in almost all the universities. However, we make sure to give you the details regarding all the important dates to help you appear for the exams.

We hope that the above information is of help to you.

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What is Mass Communication and how can you make a career in the same?

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