Your first step towards a career in the Legal Profession

Since the dawn of civilization every society factored a system of justice to transform itself into a civil society. The rule of law in a society reflected in the system of judiciary. Law and judiciary, the two pillars upholding a society, thus became one of the oldest professions in humankind. Without them, chaos would rule the world.

Today, no organization or industry can exist without a legal division. Companies seek legal advice and lawyers constantly fight judicial battles in the complex corporate environment. They are also integral for negotiating business and investment deals at national and international levels.

Even in daily life, individuals regularly seek legal advice or services. The legal profession in India has matured with increased corporatization. Foreign investments have carved a new space for legal professionals in areas of intellectual property, healthcare, and environmental law. Many venture capitalists have entered the area of corporate law firms. Hence, to provide an army of legal experts, India has developed an elaborate system of legal studies. To select the right kind of candidates a number of entrance tests are held every year. Among the many law entrance tests a few notables are CLAT, AILET, SET (Law), LSAT, DU Law Entrance Test etc.

Each of these tests needs methodical and well planned preparation. SmartPrep provides students with in person training and guidance ascertaining an edge over others.


A unique learning methodology with a focus on speed and accuracy, SmartPrep administers tests every week and mock exams to give students a feel of the final test. The Centre Manager counsels midsession with the student’s parent on their progress.

Along with detailed analytical reports to diagnose their weakness and helps build on their strengths, SmartPrep exclusively conducts psychometric test for students to help them choose the right career path.

Course Specifics

  1. Covers all major Law Entrance Tests
  2. Exhaustive Study  Material – Concept Books, Smart Guides, Class & Home Exercises etc
  3. Extensive Classroom Training
  4. Online Academic Support
  5. Special focus on Reasoning, General Awareness and Legal Aptitude
  6. Extensive Test Practice – Mock Tests, Periodic Tests, and Speed Tests


No. of Hours Per Class: 1.5 hrs
No. of Classes Per Week: 2  Classes
Course Duration Till Dec-2017 (While in Class XII) + Crash Course (Post XII Exams)

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