Choosing a career path after 12th is always a challenge. To help overcome the confusion, students must reflect on activities that they are skillful in and enjoy. Besides the satisfaction level, it ensures that the success rate will also be very high.

Equipped with information about the courses available SmartPrep helps students make well-informed choice based on their interest and inclination to draw a concrete plan and chart the course of their professional life.

Traditionally, students choose Arts, Science, Commerce streams or prepare for a career in Engineering and Medicine. In our modern world, there are various other opportunities in the area of Management, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Journalism, Mass Communication and Law.

These streams of specialization have a pre-screening common entrance test after higher secondary examination. Various universities have their own qualification and admission criteria.

SmartPrep presents a bouquet of well-researched and crafted information on the courses available to jet-set candidates towards a professional career path in areas such as Business Studies, Computer Applications, Fashion Design, Law, Hotel Management, Journalism and Mass Communication.

 The SmartPrep Edge

Focus on Speed and Accuracy Similar to Bank PO exams, Under Graduate entrance exams are hinged on speed and accuracy. Our computer generated test reports help students understand and improve their proficiency levels.
Parent Teacher Meeting In mid-session, a Parent Teacher Meeting will be arranged. During the meeting, the Centre Manager will discuss the student’s progress report with their parents/guardians.
Online Help Learning material like class notes and practice test sheets are posted online. Students can refer these for remediation purpose and practice at home.Also GK material to be uploaded
Regular tests There will be a test at the end of every week, covering all the topics taught during that week. Additionally, there will be 6-8 mock exams for all the coursework to prepare students for the actual entrance test.
Learning Methodology Understand concepts better and master each topic, practice regularly, regular assessment, feedback and remedial steps so you constantly improve your performance through the course.

Courses Offered

LAW SmartPrep’s CLAT preparatory course is designed for students who are aspiring to take the responsibility of taking care of the rules and regulations of the country. We offer a comprehensive program which covers all the aspects of the various entrance tests that take place. We ensure that all the sections of the paper are given equal weightage while imparting training and our students are updated about all the important dates regarding the exams. Learn more
BMS Bachelors in Management Studies teach fundamental principles of management and business skills. These courses help students to develop business acumen and inculcate entrepreneurial abilities. Learn more
BBA Bachelors in Business Administration and Bachelors in Business Studies courses teach fundamental principles of management and business skills. These courses help students to develop business acumen and inculcate entrepreneurial abilities. Learn more
Hotel Management Influx of foreign tourists requires plush hotels with international amenities, which in turn has ramped up demand for well-groomed hospitality professionals. Hotel Management course provides students with not just theoretical and practical knowledge, but offers on-the-job training. Being a service industry, having the right attitude is most important. Learn more
Journalism & Mass Communication Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication course teaches fundamentals of journalism, advertising and communication to deliver across masses. The course delivers theoretical and application information for various domains of media – news dailies, radio, television, journals, etc. Learn more
BCA Bachelors in Computer Application course teaches fundamental principles of computer science. The students will build computer systems, information systems and computer applications. The course content is regularly updated to keep pace with the changing business environment. Learn more
B. El. Ed. It is an integrated study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogic theory and communication skills. This course prepares students for a wide range of professional and academic options in elementary education: teaching in schools, with special orientation for government schools, heading elementary schools in various capacities such as headmistress and education officer including teaching and research in elementary education in the voluntary/non-governmental sector. Learn more