Are you preparing for your PI round? Here’s a comprehensive list of academic oriented questions which you need to be prepared for., these have been asked over the last few years.

For Economics Majors or those want to major in finance.

  1. Explain M1, M2, M3?
  2. How is the rupee value calculated?
  3. Explain poverty line for India?
  4. How do banks control money supply?
  5. Difference between Economy and Economics?
  6. Explain Current account and what are invisible current accounts?
  7. What are the functions of RBI and SEBI?
  8. Difference between Monetary and Fiscal policies?
  9. Problems that plague Indian Economy right now(Any three)?
  10.  Is unemployment more in India or US or Europe? Discuss with reasons.
  11. What is parallel economy? Any estimate? How it can be stamped out?
  12. How is the interest rate determined in Free market?
  13. What is Debt Trap?
  14. Name five economists and which one do you like and why?
  15. Discuss Mahalanobis model?
  16. Discuss pareto optimality?
  17. Explain elasticity of demand and marginal utility?
  18. What is a perfect market? Give some examples?
  19. Explain correlation, standard deviation,variance?
  20. What is liquidity trap?

For B.Sc and BE graduates in Computer Science or those who want to major in Systems

  1. What is SQL? Explain third degree normalization?
  2. What is difference between quick sort, leap sort and bubble sort?
  3. Explain Binary search algorithm?
  4. Explain difference between Celeron and Pentium class of processors?
  5. Explain different stages of SDLC?
  6. What is MIS how it is different from DSS?
  7. What is Artificial Intelligence?
  8. Different type of protocols for networking?
  9. What is data flow architecture?
  10. Write a program to sort ten numbers in ascending order?

For B.Sc and BE graduates in Electronics

  1. What is the difference between 2G and 3G?
  2. Explain GPRS
  3. Explain CDMA
  4. What is zero earthing?
  5. What are eddy currents?
  6. Define Kirchoff’s Law?
  7. Any applications of electronics in agriculture?
  8. Explain first law of thermodynamics?
  9. How does a fan work?
  10.  What does a modem do and how?

For those who have graduate with a science degree in Physics

  1. Why does a diamond shine?
  2. Define critical angle?
  3. What is entropy?
  4. Explain working of a nuclear reactor?
  5. Explain working of a dynamo?
  6. Is Physics management? How?
  7. Explain Raman Effect?
  8. Name an Indian who won Nobel Prize in Physics and explain his work?
  9.  Explain Newton’s third/first/second/ law or law of gravitation?
  10. What is fibre optics?

For those from a Biology and Zoology background

  1. Explain what is the role mitochondrion?
  2. Different type of Blood groups?
  3. Difference between plant and animal cell?
  4. Explain chordates?
  5. What are endocrine glands?
  6. What is bone density, how it is measured?
  7. What is the role of grey matter in our brains?
  8. How do you define a mammal?
  9. What is Rh factor?
  10. What do you understand by the word hermaphrodite?
  11.  Where is the pharmacy industry headed for in India?
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