These are 10 things you must do to reduce stress and perform better in the board exams:

1. Do not mug up derivations practice them by writing them down on paper.

2. Try to understand the concept behind each step in derivation and make a proper logical flow.

3. Try to practice lot of application based questions when practicing numericals.

4. Write answers that are to the point and are not too long.

5. Have a balanced approach devote adequate time to all subjects or go by a plan.

6. Keep enough revision time for each subject.

7. Avoid too much of stress and develop support system to de stress.

8. Must give formulae when using in questions.

9. Make a column on the extreme right of the answer sheet for rough calculations.

10. In papers like Maths, Physics, Accounts etc after the numerical write answers separately in the next line.

Tips for Board Exam Preparation