It just takes someone to tell you that you can do it and that they believe in you and you can achieve your goals. I would like to thank SmartPrep for believing in me and taking my back. It was my dream to study Mass Communication in Symbiosis University and SmartPrep helped me get there. When I first visited the institute, I was already enrolled in DU and was doing B.Sc. Zoology (H) and I told them that I wanted to clear SIMC’s entrance anyhow. I was very determined and thus I put all my faith in the institute and we worked as a team to fulfill my dream.

I wasn’t a regular class student but I was constantly provided with valuable study material and regular tests which helped me keep in pace with all the subjects and constantly monitor my growth. Initially, I was very weak with Maths and General Knowledge but that didn’t deject me. I informed the institute about my weaknesses and they took the responsibility of strengthening them. I took Maths classes from the institute and I haven’t ever been better tutored by anyone else in Maths. The classes were very meaningful and regular classwork-homework questions improved my speed and skill. For GK, I devotedly read the newspaper everyday and then solved questions posted online daily by SmartPrep which proved to be the most important element of inspiriting my interest in GK. The distinguished faculty of the institute works very hard on every child and imparts the best competitive knowledge. The best part about the institute is that they don’t judge your initial level and they start right from the basics. Their analyzing ability is very accurate and whatever is taught and is there in the study papers or test papers is very suitable for the competitive exam. The faculty is very encouraging and very experienced. I would like to thank SmartPrep for their support in fulfilling my dream and if it hadn’t been them, I’m not sure if I could have made it that easily. All the very best to the institute and all its members.

Sherya Popli

Sherya Popli Course : BJMC, College : Symbiosis Pune August 12, 2014

Sherya Popli

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