1. Sacrificing love.
2. Strength of character.
3. Focussing on solution rather than problem helps one overcome all the challenges of life.
4. Selfless action brings new nobility to human life and greater hope for human society.


1. Sacrifice, integrity and devotion form strength of character.
2. These qualities are inspirational and can influence others.




a. 13 years old.
b. Loving, caring, responsible & innocent.
c. Diligent worker
d. Takes care of his brother & ailing sister with motherly affection.
e. Lets younger brother sleep while he sells newspapers.
f. Never indulges in self-pity despite poverty.
g. With his rebellious spirit he faces life stoically.
h. Works with great sense of devotion with one mission i.e. to cure their elder sister Lucia who was suffering from tuberculosis.


a. Younger of the two brothers.
b. 12 year old.
c. Full of life, innocent
d. Carries an air of seriousness that seems beyond his years.
e. Works with equal diligence as that of Nicola.
f. Shares responsibilities & common interest to cure elder sister with Nicola.


a. Keen observant.
b. Sensitive
c. Relates to others’ joys & sorrows.
d. Considerate & kind hearted.
e. A thorough gentleman
f. Wants to help the two kids but does not want to hurt their self-esteem.
g. Admires the courage & determination of the two orphaned kids.
h. Despite knowing the truth about Lucia, he resists from intruding into the privacy of Nicola & Jacopo.


1. Skinny frame – very thin body
2. Brisk business – profitable business
3. Interest was provoked – interest was aroused
4. Remarkable demeanour – their appearance
5. Coloured deeply under his sunburn – feeling intimidated/embarrassed
6. Grew pale – scared (why narrator asking so many questions)
7. Spoke with an effort – reluctant to speak
8. He burst out – said quickly
9. Make a visit to the country – going to the village (outskirt of the city)
10. Some humble dwellings – hutments/ houses of poor people
11. Scarcely believe my eyes – hardly believe what I saw
12. Vestibule – lobby in the hospital

Standard Xth Literature: Two Gentlemen of Verona by A. J. Cronin Part 2