Your first step towards shaping your career in a better way.

SmartPrep, a leading name in courses for career enhancement, has introduced a breakthrough English-speaking course that will help you learn perfect English through innovative theme based sessions with activities related to real-life situations.


Exhaustive Course Coverage: With its unique blend of an integrated approach that aims to clear the concepts through extensive practice sessions based on theme based session plans that include, GDs, public speaking, role plays, activities etc. classes at SmartPrep strive to offer a conducive learning environment that is not only fun-filled but also enriching for all – its prime objective being empowering all its learners and prodding them towards excellence.

Regular Assessments: Regular assessments are done during sessions through innovative activities to enable the learners excel their skills.

Study Tools: Invigorating video lectures, interesting power point slides, practice exercise hand-outs etc. are used extensively for making each session engrossing as well as enriching for the learners.

Doubt Handling: Personal attention to each learner is provided as per his/her need/level.


Course Highlights

  1. Real life situation based training
  2. Theme based sessions integrating grammar, vocab, reading and spoken English
  3. Dedicated focus on vocab enrichment – better choice of words
  4. Reduction of translation method
  5. Video lectures by native speakers to understand pronunciation, accent and intonation
  6. Holistic – not just spoken, but listening, reading and need based writing
  7. Separate modules on public speaking and Group Discussion
  8. Add on: Interview skills, Personality Development, Telephone Etiquette, Organizational Behaviour, Making & delivering effective Powerpoint Presentations
  9. Special session on Business English for career growth.




No. of Hours Per Day: 1.5 Hours
No. of Days Per Week: 3 days
Total No. of Weeks: 10 weeks


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