The hotel Industry has seen a drastic change over a couple of years. The reason behind this change is the number of international players entering the Indian market and thus, bringing in a lot of jobs as well. The thinking of people and increase in spending capacity are other reasons for wide acceptance of hotel industry in our country. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry.

Hotels are a vital element of the tourism product. Through the standards of facilities and services offered, they are contributing in an overall wonderful tourism experience.

Hospitality Industry is one of the most liberalized sectors in India with 100% FDI allowance through automatic route and single window clearance facilities.

These days, many universities are coming up with hotel management as a course during graduation and undergraduate levels. But, as we all know that every job opportunity comes with assortment of pros and cons, therefore, we thought of enlightening you with what you should know before entering the hospitality industry in any department.




  • Meeting new people
  •  Industry being dependent on economic conditions, therefore, with a downfall in the economy, the industry always goes low
  • Learning new career skills
  •  No time limitations – one has to work on weekends as well as national holidays
  • Great and attractive pay package
  •  Starting pays can be low
  •  A range of entry level jobs available which gives flexibility to choose a desired department
  •  Long and odd hours
  •  Helps in developing the overall personality
  •  Being active all the time
  •  Can be a specialist over a period of time in the desired department
  •  24*7 approach – being present at all the times (whenever the demand for your presence is required)
  •  Opportunity to travel at various locations where the hotel is located
  •  Other job benefits

Above mentioned advantages and disadvantages are a few of them.

It is always better to weigh both pros and cons and then set your mindset to enroll for any graduation program and making your career in the same.

If you are still confused about your career in Hotel Management, make a visit to a nearest SmartPrep center and our counselor would be able to guide you on the future aspects in Hotel Management Industry.

Rush now and enroll for a batch before the last seat is gone.

Thank you

SmartPrep Team

Pros and Cons of working in Hotel Industry

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