1) For Science Students:
Q. What are the Career Options – Based on strengths and for those who do not want continue with science?
Ans. If a science student doesn’t want to continue with science stream, then he/she can opt for careers in management, law, or journalism. Today lot of science students even after doing there engineering do MBA.So one can look at management directly at UG level through BBS/BBA. Also Law as a career has come up well in terms of growth options and more and more science students are moving towards Law as the second best option after engineering/medicine.
2) For Commerce Students
Q. What are the Career Options?
Ans. Being from commerce stream natural choice for students is CA, BBS, CS, B Com, Economics (Hons), BBE. Some other careers which lot of commerce students prefer these days are Law or Hotel Management depending on their interests. These options are also good and promise high growth opportunities.
3) For Economics Students
Q. What are the Career Options?
Ans. Students who are good in economics, can go for career options like Economics (Hons), BBA/BBS, BBE. In the long term a candidate with economics background can go for careers in management, civil services, market research.
4) For Accounts Students
Q. What are the Career Options?
Ans. For students who are good in subjects like accounts will always like to become a CA. Some other options where they can use there accounting ability can be  BBS, BBA, BFIA, as all these courses need good knowledge of accounts.
5) UG Course for MBA
Q. I want to do MBA later on, which UG course should I take?
Ans. Although any professional course can be taken up, but courses like BBS, BBA, BFIA, BBE, Economics (Hons) are well suited courses for MBA later on.


Personalised Counselling Questions – Part 1