Last year, we came across a number of students who completed their 10+2 boards and were willing to enter the Hospitality Industry. Many of them thought that it was restricted to only kitchen and sales or marketing but as we counseled them, they came across a clear picture of what the Hospitality Industry is all about.

Serving Hospitality Industry after graduating in Hotel Management

With Globalization at its peak, career opportunities in the hotel management stream have increased. With lucrative salaries and the growing job opportunities, the course is coming out to be more in demand by students after completion of their 10+2 class. Graduation in Hotel Management is not restricted to only hotel industry but an array of jobs in different sectors is available like airline and cabin services, tourism industry, catering departments at banks and insurance houses, culinary unit managers including chefs and bar executives, etc.

There are 4 major departments in which students can get a career path:

Food & Beverage

House Keeping

Sales & Marketing

Front Office

Taking each field individually, we give you a range of work profiles available in the above 4 departments:

  1. Food & Beverage: Earlier, food & beverage was considered to be a household work to be done by women only, but in the recent years, it has been observed that even men have come out to be greater and well known chefs. The mentalities of people have transformed and food & beverage is now considered to be a respectable profession. After the graduation in Hotel Management, there are various job profiles ranging from bakery manager, caterer, cooking teacher, and farmer to recipe tester, restaurant supply buyer, sports nutritionist, and writer. The profession offering attractive pay packages; employment prospects; development prospects; education and training; experience, skills, and personality traits and tips for entry.

  2. Housekeeping: The department dealing essentially with cleanliness and other supplementary services attached to it is called Housekeeping Department. The largest part of any hotel and the most revenue generating department is basically accommodation. As we know, the housekeeping department takes care of all rooms and these days all the big properties offer large number of rooms with different accommodating facilities, thus, the job prospects in this department is numerous. During the graduation, most of the students are offered on the job training is this department.

  3. Sales & Marketing: This is the most exciting area to work. Earlier marketing was restricted to only building a website and observing the responses but with advancement in technology, the concept has changed and nowadays, there are several modes available to promote and raise a voice amongst masses. In order to stay with the world, it has become very much essential to be aware of all the competitive strategies prevailing in the market. There are various jobs available in this department: sales manager, assistant sales manager, E-commerce manager, regional sales manager, business development manager, etc., to name a few. However, every hotel follows a different hierarchy.

  4. Front Office: This is the most crucial department because anyone who enters a hotel or an office would first like to be greeted and respectfully heard because as we know “first impression is the last impression” and it remains in the minds forever. A front desk managers’ role is not only limited to oversee the front desk staff but, also includes participating in coordinating reservations and supervise the doorkeepers, parking staff and other important staff of any hotel or office who are managing the facility. Flexibility, creativity, supervision, ability to perform under pressure and hard-work are amongst a few important qualities expected from those who want to be in front office department.


You must be thinking of what you can earn after your three or four years of graduation?

The Industry is a little difficult in terms of salary. Those who graduate from top-notch institutes can start with a salary package of INR 25K on an average; but for others it has to be 14-15k on an average. But, all this depends upon the college from where you graduate as well as the organization where you get placed. It is advisable to go for Masters in your desired department so as to excel in the respective field.

For all those who want to understand the Industry more, you are most welcome to visit any of your nearest SmartPrep center and our counselors would be able to help you out in identifying your aptitude and key skills.

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SmartPrep Team

Opportunities available after Graduation in Hotel Management

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