Here’s an interview with Vihang Bakshi (Name Changed) on his experience at the Personal Interview Round in IIM Ahmedabad.

Name: Vihang Bakshi (Name Changed)
Current Institution: IIM Ahmedabad
Interviews Cleared: IIM A ,IIM L & IIM I
Interviews Attended: IIM A ,IIM L & IIM I
Educational Background: B.Tech

Interview Type: Structured
Interview  Experience – IIM A
Panel Size : 2 Profs P1 & P2 (mid age , 1 Fin & 1 Eco)
P1 : So you are from XXXX ? (he had read my file)
Me : Yes Sir
P1 : What is it famous for
Me : Sir sarees & hirakud dam
P1 : What else ?
Me : Don’t know
P1 : Medical & Engg colleges
Me : (to myself “should have been prepared for this question”)
(Meanwhile P2 while going through my certis)
P1 : So tell us something more about yoursef
Me : Sir My name is XXXX. I belong to ….. . I did my schooling from.. Then did my graduation from …. Then I worked with … for 3 years.
P2 : Why did you leave your job ?
P1 : Did you leave your job to prepare for CAT ? (He had a wity smile on his face)
Me ; No sir, I left my job to do MBA. I joined XXX college and am currently pursuing MBA from there.
P1 : Ohh.. nods his head
P2 : So … You are already doing MBA from XXX, which is a reputed college. Why do you want to leave it?
Me : Sir Ever since I decided to do MBA, I have nurtured a dream of studying at IIMA. I have incubated the dream for 4 years. Studying at WIMWI with some of the brightest minds in the nation which almost every MBA aspirant aspires for.
P1 : So what all subjects have you studied ?
Me : PS, Eco, Mkting, etc
P1 : Draw the demand & Supply curves.
Me : Done
P1 : Which is the dependent variable ?
Me : Told
P1 then grilled me on this and a couple of more basic questions on economics
P2 : Tell me how a P/L statement looks like
Me : Done
P2 : What is debit & credit
Me : Told
P2 : What all entries are made under Operation Income head ?
Me : Told a few , then stopped.. thought for a while then said that I am not able to remember.
P2 asked a couple of more questions on Accounting. I was able to answer one partly and for the second one I said that it wasn’t taught to us.
P1 takes over
P1 : What is marketing mix
Me : Told
P1 : Give example
Me : Gave eg of Bournville
P1 : Do you thing there is something wrong in the marketing mix of Bournville?
Me : Told .. they were convinced
P1 : What is a recursive function?
Me : Told
P1 : What is fourier series?
I thought for a while , then said that I am not able to recall
{P1 looks at P2 and nods his head}
P2 : Ok then we are done
Me : Sir , I have brought a portfolio of pictures which I have clicked. Would you like to take a look.
P2 : Sure (Took my album)
{He liked some of my pictures and asked about my camera and the shutter speed which I had used for taking some of the snaps. P1 was also looking at the picture. After a couple of minutes he gave me the album back and said good pictures}
Me : Thank you sir. Have a good day !
Smart Tip:
1. Prepare your acads well
2. Never lie. They can easily sense it
3. Try to be creative with your hobby. It can be a game changer.
4. Always be on time, especially for IIM A interview. They started the process bang on time. No place for late comers.

IIM A Personal Interview – Vihang Bakshi