In today’s competitive world, it is very important to leave your mark and be ahead of others. We all know our capabilities and our weak points and therefore, it is very necessary to start preparing for entrance exams well in advance. It is not only necessary to be perfect in your studies while preparing for your boards but it is equally important to be aware of what’s happening around you. This helps in increasing your general knowledge, logical aptitude, and reasoning skills as well which are core sections of almost every entrance exam.

It is very important to make a note of few points before hitting the entrance exams:

  • Deciding what to do: Before you sit for your boards, it is very much necessary to be aware of what you want to be and which would be your desired career option.
  • Setting a Goal: During the boards, it is important to keep an eye on the various universities offering your desired course. List out all of them with your first choice on the top.

  • Be Confident and Fearless from Exam: Being scared of what is going to happen in the exam will only delay your preparations. Thus, you have to be confident in all aspects and accept the challenge of any exam that comes.

  • Exam Pattern: Every university and college has its own way of conducting the admission procedure. It is important to search and study for the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

  • Curriculum of the Exam: Once exam pattern is into your knowledge, it becomes important to understand that what is going to come in the exam. You may not know the exact topic from where the questions can come but you will get an idea of the various sections of the paper.

  • Managing the time: Time management should start right when you get to know the syllabus of the exam as it will help you in estimating that how much importance or time is to be spared for each question or section.

  • Work on Strength and Weakness: In all the entrance exams, we find different sections but it is not necessary to be equally strong in all the sections. Some portions are easy while some are tough and this varies from person to person. It is advisable to identify them and work out accordingly.

  • Take a clue from Previous Years’ Papers: To understand the pattern of the paper and the difficulty level of each section, you must solve out previous years’ papers. This helps in improving the speed and accuracy as well.

  • Current Affair: You should be aware of what is happening around and this can be done through books, magazines, newspapers etc.

  • Difficult and Unknown Questions: If there is negative marking, then skip those questions. If you think that there is enough time at the end of the paper, try attempting the leftovers.

  • Exam Date: Almost all the universities post their ads in newspapers or at different media to let you all know about the important dates. It is required to make a note of all these important dates.

  • Application Forms: After purchasing the brochure or downloading the required information from the website of the respective university, the next step is to fill in the application form and send the same along with the required documents back to the university before the last date. It is always advisable not to wait for the last few days so as to avoid delays or misplacing the forms if sent via post.

  • Admit Cards: Entry for any entrance examination is only through the admit cards. The release date of admit cards is also declared by the university. Some universities send the cards via post while others upload them on the websites for downloading.

  • Venue: If possible, try to visit the venue given by the university for giving examination in advance. This will help you to be aware of the approximate time you require to reach the venue. You must try to reach the venue 45mins. beforehand on the examination day.

  • What to carry along : While going to the examination center, do not forget to carry stationery, admit card and other necessary things as mentioned by the university.

  • Required Details: On receiving the question paper and OMR sheet/answer sheet, you must fill in the required details carefully. In case of any doubts, read the instructions properly and do not hesitate to ask the invigilator.

  • Numerical Question: If you are not provided with an extra sheet for rough work or solving the numerical question, take clarity from the invigilator if you can use certain blank space on the question paper to solve the problem.

  • Answer Sheet should be Tidy: The OMR sheet or the answer sheet should neither be tampered nor made untidy. Also, read the instructions to be aware whether the answers in OMR sheet should be marked with pen or pencil.

  • Answer Sheet to be checked: After completing answering all the questions in the paper, it is recommended to thoroughly check the answer sheet before submitting the same to the invigilator. Carefully check the information filled and the answers.

(Note:pattern of certain entrance examination has negative marking for each wrong answers, incase of any doubt, leave the question unanswered).

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY : Remain calm and composed during the examination to avoid any careless mistakes.

All the best for your Entrance Exams.


SmartPrep Team

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