Hotel Management entrance exams are a pre-requisite for admission to Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Management Institutes across India. The GDPI is equally important and one needs to prepare well for that. Below are some Do’s and don’ts for GDPI Preparation for Hotel Management:

  • Dress Code – Always wear formals for any interview and the colour combination should be sober and professional
  • Filing of Certificates – Have all your academic certificates properly filed in a file in reverse chronological order. For extracurricular certificates have a separate file.
  • File in your Interview Call Letter (If received)
  • Must read that days newspapers and magazines.
  • Start your day half-an-hour early to avoid any stress even if you are late.
  • Courtesy and Manners are important all along the interview and take you a long way in creating a good impression on the panel.
  • Maintain good eye contact with all the members of the panel and be confident.
  • Have a positive body language and be proactive in your mannerism.
  • Do not criticize, always remain positive in the interview.
  • No Arguments whatsoever with the board, as they may try to corner you to check stress.
  • Be a good listener and answer questions keeping in mind panel’s perspective on the question.
  • Don’t study late night just before the interview day.
  • Be honest in your answers.
  • Don’t give confusing answers. Like on one side you say that you are patient and then on the other side you say that your weakness is that you are short tempered.
  • Don’t give biased answers and avoid political questions.
GDPI Preparation for Hotel Management – Do’s and don’ts