SmartPrep is committed to provide our franchise associates with unceasing support. To help, we have established a successfully composite support system for building and sustaining a robust and flourishing franchise network.

Pre-Operational Franchisor Support

In the pre operation phase SmartPrep provides assistance SmartPrep Franchise Program Supportwith:
• Site selection
• Design, layout and architectural support
SmartPrep will help franchise partners with:
• Recruitment assistance for administrative profiles
• Initial faculty training for franchise team at SmartPrep corporate office
• Train The Trainer programs
• Counselor and Centre Manager training
SmartPrep will also provide support with:
• Systems and procedural disclosure for smooth functioning of business
• Advertising
• Operational and training manuals

Post-Launch Franchisor Support

Post Launch SmartPrep is committed to provide partners the support that will help them deliver the complete SmartPrep experience.
Systems Support
• Recruitment and training of faculties
• Study material
• Test Series
• Online Content
• Tablets
• Periodic skill enhancement trainings as required
Marketing and Advertising Support
• Franchisee co-ordinator to assist in all centre operations and franchise-related matters
• Periodic business reviews and fine-tuning business operations
• Periodic checks, feedback and guidance on revenue generation and cost-control
• Marketing and advertising support
• Support in organizing promotional events
• Regular workshops for sales team
• Professional advice on all types of organizational issues
• Annual/Quarterly – National/Regional meet for franchisees
• Periodic sales and marketing training