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    A place to discuss all things related to the subject of Logical Reasoning.


    Ramesh Pujari

    Hi, please tell me what is the portion for logical reasoning in the undergraduate entrance exams?


    Hello Ramesh, the test of logical reasoning is included in the exams to test your verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. You will be tested on how logical your approach to a question is. There will be topics like analogy, classification, series completion, passage reading, figure formation and analysis and rule detection. You should be able to think logically so that you understand the relationships properly, figure out the missing words or missing numbers and apply those rules to different contexts. There will also be statement-assumption and statement-course of action type of questions.


    Siddharth Pandey

    Hello, can you please give me some tips to perform well in logical reasoning?


    Here are some tips which could come handy:

    1. Understand the Concept: Before beginning the practice, aspirants should go through the concept. Thorough understanding of concept is very important.

    2. Formulas: There are no formulas as such in Reasoning but there is a particular way in which reasoning problems are solved.

    3. Clear your Doubts: Instead of keeping your doubts for the Examination Hall, have them solved beforehand. Discuss your doubts with your peers and teachers.

    4. Practice: Logical Reasoning can be understood, solved and strengthened easily if one does a lot of practice. It is advisable to practice with sample papers, model papers and previous year papers.

    5. Analysis: Analyze your strengths and weaknesses through practice papers. This will help in managing time in the main examination paper. For example if you are strong in Verbal Reasoning, solve them first.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    To help you get better in Logical reasoning, we are starting posting questions which will be similar to the kind of questions that will appear in the exams. Think and answer them (with explanations). Good luck. 🙂

    Today’s question:

    ‘’Tennis” is related to “Court” in the same way as “boxing” is related to ______.

    (a) Pool

    (b) Ring

    (c) Arena

    (d) Course



    Priya Joshi

    The answer is B. Ring.


    Yes, that is the right answer. Good work. 🙂


    Here is today’s question in logical reasoning. Think and answer (with explanation). Good Luck.

    Find odd one out:

    (a) Assassinate

    (b) Kill

    (c) Kidnap

    (d) Stab



    Deven Chouhan

    C. Kidnap. All others are acts of killing.


    Yes Deven. That is the correct answer and explanation.


    Contrary to what most people think, Logical Reasoning is not a difficult subject. Just requires some practice. 🙂 Try answering today’s question:

    “Sapling” is related to “Tree” in the same way as “Girl” is related to?

    (a) Woman       

    (b) Wife

     (c) Man

    (d) Child


    Arjun Iyer

    A. Woman. Is it correct?


    Hello Arjun, yes that’s the correct answer. But you have to explain your answers too. For e.g., the explanation here is that the second term is the growing step of the first term. Hope this helps. 🙂


    Sometimes, the questions in Logical Reasoning might appear difficult at first but they aren’t. For example, attempt this question. Good luck.

    If ‘black’ means ‘white’; ‘white’ means ‘green’ ‘green’ means ‘pink’; ‘pink’ means ‘blue’; ‘blue’ means ‘red’; ‘red’ means ‘orange’ and ‘orange’ means ‘violet’, then what is the colour of the water?

    (a) White

    (b) Green

    (c) Pink

    (d) Cannot be determined


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