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Here are some tips which could come handy:

1. Understand the Concept: Before beginning the practice, aspirants should go through the concept. Thorough understanding of concept is very important.

2. Formulas: There are no formulas as such in Reasoning but there is a particular way in which reasoning problems are solved.

3. Clear your Doubts: Instead of keeping your doubts for the Examination Hall, have them solved beforehand. Discuss your doubts with your peers and teachers.

4. Practice: Logical Reasoning can be understood, solved and strengthened easily if one does a lot of practice. It is advisable to practice with sample papers, model papers and previous year papers.

5. Analysis: Analyze your strengths and weaknesses through practice papers. This will help in managing time in the main examination paper. For example if you are strong in Verbal Reasoning, solve them first.

Hope this helps. 🙂