Most of the IIMs in recent years have introduced essay writing in the second stage of their admission process. In fact this component has also become an important part of selection process and in many institutes GD processes have been replaced by essay writing.


The objective through this exercise is to assess candidate’s ability to:

1. Organise, develop and express ideas about the issue

2. Provide relevant supporting arguments along with examples

3. Command over written English

Also the exercise brings out how strong or weak the candidate’s ability to present an argument is depending on:

  1. The strength of supporting ideas
  2. Relevance of examples
  3. The organization and flow of the above two aspects


Hence on any issue/topic one should focus on developing a convincing argument through strong, well-organised supporting ideas and relevant examples. The topics that are normally given for essay-writing round are either issue specific or generic in nature.


Given a topic, the candidate can:

1. Completely agree or completely disagree with the point of view expressed in the topic

2. Demonstrate why the position stated in the topic is valid in some cases and invalid in others

3. Bring out the various aspects that need to be considered before taking a stand and develop a balanced approach.


The best way of writing an essay is through a four step method:

I.ANALYSIS: Do a thorough analysis of the topic given and then have your own stand

II. ORGANISATION: Decide what your arguments are and put them in right sequence

III. EXAMPLES: Always be ready with right examples to support your arguments.

IV. PRESENTATION: Start with a proper introduction followed by main body and then conclusion.

Essay Writing Skills for MBA Exams