Partnerhsip 2 thumbs upHere are some basic tips on how to score well in English Exam:

Scoring in a subject like English may seem tough to many because of high subjectivity in its evaluation. In English there are two things that form the basic foundation for this subject

  • Overall knowledge
  • Proficiency in English.

In the Literature section, go through the entire stories, essays, and poems. Don’t just read them, but try to go deep into the meanings. On all characters have your own independent view point after a good rational thought.

While answering questions, use your own expressions and avoid taking phrases directly from the book as that might give an impression that you have just memorised the book without actually understanding main idea of the story/chapter.

When it comes to the Writing Skills section, generate as many ideas as possible, and keep your answers within the word limit. Also stick to the specific formats.

Try using some famous quotes to make you answer more impressive.

Any subject, no matter however easy it seems, needs some effort. And with a few days left for the exam, and so many subjects to revise, you will find it hard to balance your time for all. Normally students, find English relatively easy, so they spend the least amount of time studying it, but you should try not to leave out a subject completely, rather have a proper revision plan.

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English is a difficult exam to score. How can students score in this subject?