CATE 2012, structure wise was slightly different from 2011 CATE. In 2011 the paper was divided into four parts but this time it was divided into two parts only. The first part (PART A) consisted of a READING COMPREHENSION passage with 15 questions followed by a Cloze test passage with once again 15 questions. Thereafter there were 30 questions of multiple choice that tested a student’s grip on analogy, vocabulary, idioms, phrases, grammar, usage etc. and then there were questions intended to test a student’s literary awareness also.

The second part (PART B) was a descriptive section that contained a reading comprehension section which consisted of a poem, followed by four questions. Another question was a topic for essay writing. This question had an option as well.

This time CATE seemed to be more matured firstly because of dividing the paper into two parts, one of objective nature and other of descriptive nature. There was no unnecessary division of sets of questions. So the test seekers could go with one mindset at one time. On the other hand the MCQ section had more variety of questions as well. Descriptive part was more or less the same as in 2011 CATE.

Total Marks – Section – A      : 60
Total Marks – Section – B    : 40
Total Marks                             : 100
Expected Cutoff                      : 56 – 58

Disclaimer: This analysis is done by experts from SmartPrep Education Pvt. Ltd. to help the students in understanding of the exam. The analysis depicts their overall view of CATE 2012 examination and expected cutoff is based on the previous experience. It does not in any way claims that the same may be followed by the conducting body of the CATE Exam.

CATE 2012 – Exam Paper Analysis