There are three stages in SSC entrance exam. The various stages in the process can really take its toll on even the best candidates. That is why it is recommended to be prepared for the process to be followed.

The Three Stages in the SSC Exam are:


  • Tier I: Topics ranging from General Intelligence and Reasoning to English Comprehension are covered in Tier I. This is the very first step in the journey to bag a government job. This 2 hour paper is held in one session and you are marked on a total of 200 marks.


  • Tier II:  This stage of the SSC examination consists of subjective part and is held over a period of 2 days. There are a total of three papers, though you might just have to sit for two depending on the post you are applying for. At this stage, the candidates are tested on their in-depth knowledge of Arithmetic and English Language.


  • Interview: The last step in the entire process is the Personality Test and/or Interview. The sharpness and the maturity of a candidate to respond to a question are judged by the interviewer in this process.


To understand the pattern of the SSC exam, a candidate should go through previous years’ question paper and must start preparing early.

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