After nationalization by the Government of India, the Imperial Bank of India got its name as The State Bank of India (SBI). It is the oldest bank in the country. SBI provides a huge range of banking products through its vast network of branches in India and overseas, including products aimed at non-resident Indians (NRIs). With headquarters in Mumbai, it has around 16,000 branches all over the country with 14 Local Head Offices and 57 Zonal Offices that are located at important cities throughout the country. It also has around 130 branches overseas.

For those of you looking forward for a career in banking industry, the exams conducted by SBI from time to time might just be the perfect start.

The SmartPrep Edge

  • A unique learning methodology with a focus on speed and accuracy, SmartPrep administers tests every week and mock exams to give students a feel of the final test.
  • A weekly test is conducted on every sixth day of the week. This test consists of approximately 30 questions and must be completed in 50 to 60 minutes.
  • The test is administered by the Centre Manager/Counselor of the SmartPrep centre.
  • A detailed Development Report is generated with analysis of the errors made by the student.
  • During the remediation/doubt clearing session, the teacher discusses common problems and tricky questions of the practice session/test.
  • Learn more about our Test Preparation Methodology

While other institutes providing preparation for Bank PO exams focus on concepts, SmartPrep focuses on patterns that have been already asked in exams and have shown tendency to be repeated across years. The class sheets, homework assignments and tests are based on these patterns, hence providing the student and intensive training of the critical patterns from examination perspective.

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