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Management, accounts and administration form the core of any business’s success story and help in the smooth functioning of managing a business efficiently. Thus, professionals with expertise in any of these areas are more in demand and are the numbers are growing rapidly. The responsibility of these professionals is to use the resources of the company judiciously and while at the same time ensuring proficient provision of services to the company’s customers.

Each course (i.e. BBS, BBA and BBE) comes with an array of job prospects and because of them being professional courses; it is ensured that a student is imparted not only with theoretical knowledge but with an on-the-job training as well during the tenure of their graduation itself.

But as all of these courses are professional in nature, entry into a university offering any of these courses is only after clearing an entrance examination. SmartPrep ensures to be your complete guide to help you prepare for the various entrance examinations that take place.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) is a three year undergraduate course for those candidates who have an inclination towards pursuing career in business management. After completion of BBS, you can explore the following job opportunities:

  • Information Analyst,

  • Business Analyst,

  • Financial Consultant,

  • Share Broker,

  • Banking and Insurance sector,

  • Educational institution

and many more..

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a very popular course and is very much in demand amongst those students who want to acquire the various fundamentals of managing a business. The course is offered by many universities and offers a plethora of job opportunities in many departments:

  • Administration

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

and many more..

Bachelor of Business Economics (BBE) is a professional course that provides industry interface and practical know-how to students regarding the subjects which are currently practiced in trade and commerce. It is an application-oriented program suiting the needs of the market and enhancing the employment opportunities for students:

  • Budget Analysts

  • Underwriters

  • Stock markets

  • Banking

  • Research Department

  • Financial and Equity Funds

and many more…

If you are still in dilemma regarding choosing any of these courses during your graduation, please visit a SmartPrep center near you and our counselors would be more than happy to counsel you regarding preparation of entrance examination for any of these courses.

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Are the courses BBS or BBA or BBE career oriented programs?

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