On Tue, 26 Feb 2013, David Coleman, President of the College Board, which creates and administers the SAT, e-mailed his 6,000 members to inform them that the board will redesign the test to more sharply focus on the “core set of knowledge and skills” that high school graduates need to succeed in college.
The SAT, first given in 1926, was revamped in 2005 when a written essay was added and some of the question formats were changed. The proposed redesign process has three broad objectives :
• Increase the value of the SAT to students by focusing on a core set of knowledge and skills that are essential to college and career success;
• Increase the value of the SAT to higher education professionals by ensuring that the SAT meets the evolving needs of admission officers, faculty, and other administrators, and that the SAT remains a valid and reliable predictor of college success;
• Increase the value of the SAT to K–12 educators, administrators and counselors by strengthening the alignment of the SAT to college and career readiness.
More than 1.66 million students in the class of 2012 took the SAT, making it the largest class of SAT takers in history. Students are advised to enquire about the proposed changes in the SAT by sending an email to arindam.mukherjee@smartprepindia.com
(Source : The Washington Post)

A Makeover of the SAT

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